Farewell Cascade Mountains…

Family hiking at Cascade pass

Family hiking at Cascade pass

Destination: Cascade Pass

Fauna: Pika, Humming Bird, Chipmunk, Black Flies

Magnificent day hike on Friday accompanied by JoJo and Mr. B drinking in the last of the Cascades before we head East. A quintessential cascades trail with wild flowers, thunderous icefalls, jagged peaks and little pikas jotting across the trail. Above all else, it was the black flies that motivated us to keep moving towards the pass. We learned from the Ranger hiking down the trail that there was a reprieve from the black flies above tree line. The flies called for the necessary trail game favorite “Thinking of an animal” to keep the boys spirits high. The animal had to be something local to the environment (and not prehistoric or mythological). The game moved us through the 3.7 miles to the pass where the boys very quickly discovered the remaining snow fields – total bonus at the end of an arduous hike.

We feasted with a spectacular views overlooking Eldorado, Boston Basin and the breath taking valley below. As it started to rain we realized how ill prepared we where for the weather. This was a great shake down of packing and preparation as we pull together our gear for the trip… each of us needs our own day pack with water, snacks, poly-pro layer and rain gear ready to go at all times.

Little Ms. I mostly riding on my shoulders and desperately trying to walk herself was a superstar. Her black fly annoyance and concerns were quickly quelled by the profusion of huckleberries and salmon berries on the trail! She napped little as the ergo was a poor substitute for her cozy BOB however her spirits where high throughout the day and she quickly crashed on the way home as the boys sang her to sleep. The day ended at the Cascadian Farm Ice Cream stand in the gorgeous valley outside of Marblemount.

Farewell sweet Cascade Mountains. May we drift home to you next summer…

Mr. J meets a mountain goat

Mr. J meets a mountain goat

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