Daily Archives: August 2, 2013

5 a roof rack and a potty…

While at the bank the other day Little Ms. I needed to go to the potty… this meant that the kind bank manager needed to take out his keys, unlock the door, take us up stairs to the secret inner bank chamber and hang out while she “went to the potty”. The novelty of this adventure reinforced her desire thus we needed to repeat it 3 times! You can not tell a potty training toddler to hold it nor can you call her bluff…moral of the story, the potty is the first thing to be packed in an accessible place in the car aka The Silver Seagull.

Other things that have so far made the list:
Etch a sketch
3 match box cars
jump rope
small soccer ball
sidewalk chalk
wipe on wipe off markers (to draw on windows)
duck tape
fix o flat
jumper cables
hand sani
dental floss

Packing list…to be continued.

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